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Wednesday - 2/14/24
Keynote Presentation (Floridian Ballroom, 3rd Floor)
Keynote Presentation by Genesys: Goodbye, NPS. Hello, People-centric, End-to-End Experience Benchmarking!
Peter Graf Chief Strategy and Operations Officer Genesys
For decades, organizations have fixated on achieving high Net Promoter Scores (NPS) but had little detail into the “why” behind the score—either good or bad. In today’s experience economy, understanding what makes or breaks customer and employee loyalty is vital to business success. And organizations are taking note: more than 80% of CX leaders believe the ability to measure satisfaction across the entire journey is critical to their business strategy. Providing insights only into the end of the journey, NPS no longer meets the needs it once sought to serve.

Join Dr. Peter Graf, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer at Genesys as he discusses:

  1. Why NPS and similar measurement methods are broken, including the unnecessary blind spots these tools create
  2. Real world scenarios of how a more robust, people-centric methodology, based on what customers and employees value most, is driving better experiences 
  3. How an empathetic approach to experiences will help limit employee turnover, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately become a business differentiator   

  Keynote Presentation
Wednesday - 2/14/24
Keynote Presentation (Floridian Ballroom, 3rd Floor)
Keynote Presentation by Cisco: How Hybrid Models are Successfully Transforming the Work and Customer Experience
Aruna Ravichandran SVP & Chief Marketing & Customer Officer Webex by Cisco

According to a recent Cisco-sponsored a global hybrid work study, 98 percent of all meetings will have at least one remote participant. With hybrid work becoming the new norm, organizations are facing the challenge of redefining the future of work. This shift is revolutionizing employee retention, talent acquisition, and employee well-being. No longer can individual departments work in isolation; IT, HR, and Facilities must join forces to plan and execute a cohesive strategy. The future of work is all about enabling seamless experiences, whether at home, the office or anywhere in between.

Aruna will discuss the framework needed to create those experiences and make the office a magnet, not a mandate, including the important ingredients to facilitate highly productive collaborative hybrid work:

  • Enabling end-to-end experiences that support how you work in an open and extensible technology ecosystem.
  • Delivering smart connections and devices that support the needs of both office based and remote team members.
  • Extending hybrid work technology with machine learning and artificial intelligence that uplifts and scales seamless experiences and productivity - and ensures that all employees feel included.
  • Providing visibility, manageability, and insights no matter where employees work - with security built-in, not bolted on.
  • Supporting customers through innovations to contact center in the cloud that help scale resources working from home or in the office.
  • Ensuring interoperability without sacrificing user experience.
  • Making hybrid work a reality regardless of employee presence – whether in the home, office, or automobile.

She will also showcase Cisco's experience with hybrid work, including a discussion about the unprecedented level of collaboration between IT, Human Resources and Facilities that made offices more engaging, and ultimately ensures that hybrid work, works.

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Wednesday - 2/14/24
Keynote Presentation (Floridian Ballroom, 3rd Floor)
Keynote Presentation by Avaya
Alan Masarek President and CEO Avaya
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Thursday, February 15, 2024
Thursday - 2/15/24
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Thursday - 2/15/24
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Thursday - 2/15/24
  Keynote Presentation
Thursday - 2/15/24
Keynote Presentation (Floridian Ballroom, 3rd Floor)
Keynote Panel: The Continued Rise of AI: Embracing the Known and Unknown to Drive Business Results
Dan Foster (Keynote) CRO Telarus

This panel, hosted by Telarus CRO Dan Foster, features AI technology experts across cloud, contact center, cyber security, IOT, and MSP markets. Discussion will cover AI marketplace trends and how partners can monetize opportunities and businesses can enjoy new efficiencies by leveraging AI.  Topics include, among others:

  • New feature sets like AI-powered conversation capture to help drive revenue for CCaaS customers.
  • How AI is helping organizations augment their workforce productivity rather than replacing them.
  • How AIOT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) advancements are helping to make our world safer and healthier.
  • Can AI be the secret weapon in combating evolving cyber threats
  • Embracing the reality of AI to drive explorative conversations and uncover opportunities within the IT framework that break down existing silos.

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